January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

We Made It!

A challenge and a Blessing

2020 was both challenging and a success.

The year started off with us launching our boba drinks and bubble tea, along with an Avengers themed escape room and a board game café.

At the end of February, we suffered our first set back when Rebecca was in a car accident along with her mom.  Those who know us know that it is Rebecca who is the driving force and the one who runs the day-to-day business.

After that, as you all know, the government shut down businesses.  We were able to conduct some curb side pick-ups and deliveries, but it just was not the same.  Dobbin’s is built around interacting with people, and without you there is no us.

The shut down gave us some time to rethink our business and change the atmosphere and direction of the store front, leading to the environment that many of you are used to seeing when you walk into our store.

We welcomed Tyler onto our team this year, and he has been a blessing to our organization.  James is no longer the “Dobbin’s man”, that is now Tyler, and we are grateful to him for his dedication and enthusiasm.

As you know our business has gone full bore candy haven!  Candy is fun and interesting, and finding new and wonderful things for our loyal customers to enjoy is one of the best parts of the job.

We relaunched our escape rooms in September, and they were a hit again, with people travelling from around Alberta to enjoy our unique themed rooms.  Unfortunately, it was short-lived as COVID-19 had its way again.

In December we launched dobbinsonline.com to make it easier and safer for you in these uncertain times to enjoy the treasures we have found for you.

What’s Happening

January Promotion


In January come on in and take part in our January promotion.  Every $20 you spend will get you entered to win a $25 Dobbin’s gift card that can be used in-store. 


For our online customers, every $20 will get you entered to win a free shipping discount code.


One in-store winner and one online winner.  Draws will be done February 1st.

Thank-you for making 2020 awesome!


Coming 2021


We are always looking for new candy, if there is one you miss from your childhood, or one that you have seen somewhere else, let us know and we will try our best to find it for you.



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