Charms Sweet n Sour Pops

Charms Sweet n Sour Pops

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What we remember best from childhood about Charms Sweet 'N Sour Pops is their size and shape -- the round, large, flat lollipops fit our mouths perfectly, immersing us in a flood of sweet and sour flavor.

Available as an assortment of six flavors -- Cherry 'n Sour Apple, Blue Razz Berry 'n Watermelon, Mango 'n Tangerine, Strawberry 'n Lemon, Pineapple 'n Grapefruit -- these half-sweet, half-sour Charms Pops offer the yin and yang of hard candy. Small wonder Charms Sweet 'N Sour Pops have been a favorite for generations of devoted candy fans.

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