Japanese Bottled Ramune Soda - Strawberry

Japanese Bottled Ramune Soda - Strawberry

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Japanese Bottled Ramune Soda 


How to Open: 1. Remove the seal from the top. 2. Detach the plunger from the center of the cap. 3. Place the plunger on top of the bottle. 4. Press down firmly with the base of your palm to release the marble. 5. Throw away the seal, cap, and plunger. 6. Have fun drinking Ramune! Refrigerate before opening.


Do not swallow the plunger. Throw it away immediately after opening. Adults should open the bottle for small children and supervise drinking. Do not try to remove the marble from the bottle to avoid injury. Do not freeze the bottle or store it in direct sunlight. Do not consume if the marble is broken, missing or descended before opening.

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