Pocky Roast Milk Chocolate Coated

Pocky Roast Milk Chocolate Coated

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Pocky is one of the most popular chocolate snacks in Japan and abroad. This product is an upgraded version of the standard pocky.

The stick biscuits include whole wheat flour and fermented butter. This makes the texture crispier and crunchier than those of the normal pocky. Enjoy this irresistible bite feeling!

On the other hand, the coated chocolate has richer and more aromatic flavor than the standard pocky chocolate because roast milk is blended into the chocolate.

Another thing you may get pleased with this high-end pocky is it has greater amount of fiber than any other pockys. A miracle snack that is simply tasty but also healthy! If you are looking for a quality Japanese chocolate confectionery, this one is a must-try.


  • Net contents: Approx. 38.8g×2 packs
  • Main ingredients: Flour, whole wheat flour, wheat embryo, malt extract, cacao mass, dehydrated roast milk, fermented butter, sugar, salt
  • Nutrition facts (per pack): Energy 196kcal, protein 3.7g, fat 8.6g, carbohydrate 25.6g, sodium 0.34g
  • Potential allergens: Wheat, milk, soybean
  • Made in Japan

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